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    International Trade Fraud

    International trade driving the world forwarder, it is very wonderful thing to do business with people from different countries. No matter suppliers or customers, our life is inseparable from international trade, but there are lots of international trade fraud exist, we hope our customer treat it with caution.

    Due to the long distance, most time we keep contact with customer by email, which gives the chances to email hacker, especially when customer need supplier’s bank detail to transfer the payment, they will hacked the supplier’s email and send their bank detail to customer, if both of customer and supplier haven’t discovered their fraud, then it will cause customer big lose, also it will have bad effect on international trade.

    Our company have suffer a such fraud a few days ago, our sales have discover the fraud timely and told customer to stop the remittance, then it haven’t cause customer any lose. The email hacker hacked our sale’s email after sent customer proforma invoice, they faked our email address and sent email to ask customer change T/T payment into Western Union.

    Generally we provide T/T payment and L/C for customer’s option, kindly note that our bank account never have problems, we never ask customer transfer the payment by Western Union unless customer request.

    Such fraud already caused lots of suppliers and customer heavy lose during the international trade. This is the first time we met such problems, in case cause customer any lose, we don’t want it happen again.

    Note: If customer get any email about change on our bank detail or payment term, please call to our company and our sales for confirm. also customer can contact our sales on Skype or Whats’ app for confirm.

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