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  • The sealing issue of industrial pump

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    No leaking is always a pursuit for the chemical equipment, which indeed promotes the application of the magnetic drive pump and the canned motor pump. It takes a long time to completely accomplish the goal of no leaking while some issues are awaiting us to solve, like the issues of service life of the magnetic drive pump and the canned motor pump, pitting corrosion of the materials and of reliability of the static seal. Now here is a brief introduction of the sealing issue:

    Sealing type: For the static seal, the seal gasket and the seal ring are the two type of it while O ring seal is the most common used type of the seal ring. However for the motive seal, packing seal is barely used in the chemical pump, instead mechanical seal is more often used. There are single face end and double end face, balanced face and the unbalanced face in mechanical seal. The balanced face is suitable for the high pressure medium seal. The double end face seal is used for in the situations of high temperature, easy to crystallize, viscous, containing particles and toxic volatile media. The spacer fluid should be injected to the seal chamber in the double end machine, and its pressure is normally 0.07~0.1MPa higher than that of the medium.

    Sealing materials: Chemical pump static seal usually use Viton as raw material, but use PTFE as raw material in special condition. The configuration of mechanical seal dynamic and static ring is vital, as hard alloy should match with hard alloy. It is irrational that there is no difference between these two alloys, thus the features of the medium should be handled with carefulness.

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